About Freeway

Many organizations are overwhelmed by the localization process. The entire process can be long, repetitive and arduous, filled with emails, phone calls, and file transfers.

The Freeway Localization Enablement Platform has been designed to remove the inefficiency, complexity, and manual repetitive tasks from the localization process. Freeway is a cloud platform that automates translation tasks and simplifies the localization process.

Freeway provides a secure single solution that enables end-to-end online management of any translation project and access to Lionbridge Services. From a single sign-on, users can scope, launch, and track the translation of any content through custom dashboards and a translation library.

Key Benefits of using Freeway

  • Zero upfront costs (excluding integration)
  • Scale from 2- 2,000 users
  • Zero Total Cost of Ownership (competitive platforms cost hundreds of thousands of dollars)
  • Manage and view your translation projects from start to finish

Freeway Functionality

  • Portal
    • Provides a dashboard view of all recent active items
    • Mainly used for account management and technical support
  • Orders
    • Submit work requests directly to Lionbridge
    • Manage quotes and work requests
    • Review and run reports
  • Reviews
    • Assignment and management of in-country reviews
  • Collaboration
    • Share information with internal and external users
    • Ask and answer questions
    • Track defects
  • Translation Workspace
    • Access to translation memories and glossaries

Accessing Freeway

To get started using Freeway, simply complete this request form and one of our representatives will be in touch shortly with registration information.

Open Source Licenses Used in Freeway

Freeway utilizes the following products with Open Source licenses:

Product License
ASP.NET MVC 2 and 3 Microsoft Public License (MSPL)
ASP.NET MVC 4 and 5 Apache License 2.0
MVCContrib Grid Apache License 2.0
StructureMap Apache License 2.0
jQuery MIT License
NVelocity Apache License 2.0
.Net Core 2 MIT License
ASP.NET Core 2 Apache License 2.0
Vue.js (and related plugins) MIT License
Bootstrap MIT License

Freeway™ is a trademark of Lionbridge in the USA and other countries.